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What Is a Football Academy?

A football academy is a facility set up to develop young footballers. It’s most easily thought of as a training school. A place where students learn their craft, in this case, football. Every Premier League and Championship Club has an academy, with the majority of league one and two also investing in Academy or centre of excellence facilities.


What Age Do You Have to Be to Attend an Academy?

The minimum age for any child to join a football academy is 9 years old. This is a legal regulation, which all football clubs must adhere to. To get around this richer clubs, create a set of development programs which cater for younger groups of children. These are less pressured and more focused on fun learning and play. Many coaches believe these sessions can prepare a young player for Academy life, however, it is also argued that children should emphasise more of playing and enjoying football at this age.


Can Play For?

Originally the football association had strict regulations in order to prevent the game of football become monopolized. The regulations stated that football clubs were unable to sign youth players who lived outside their catchment area.

· Under 12's must live within an hour's travelling distance from the football club

· Children aged 13-16yrs must live within 90 minutes travelling distance from the football club

However since the Premier League introduce the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), each , with added benefits for categories 1 and 2 clubs.




Frequently asked questions



1. Can anyone join Campus Barcelona Experience Academy?

Yes, Campus Barcelona Experience is open to boys and girls of all abilities aged from 5 years old to 25 years old.


2. Why Campus Barcelona Experience?

If you want to have fun playing football whilst learning all the time then Campus Barcelona Experience is for you. Ángel Pedraza (ex-FCB player) was the ideologist of the project, and we are proud about our highly qualified and enthusiastic staff.


3. What sessions do you run?

Our football coaching is split in to 5 different sessions/courses.

 – 1 hour weekly coaching for our different age groups.

 – Holiday camps run during the school holidays.

 – Football fun for 3 – 5 year olds.

 – 1 : 1 personal football coaching

 – Football coaching for schools and local grassroots clubs.


4. Will my child be supervised at all times?

Absolutely yes.


5. Can I still play for my local team?

Yes, Campus Barcelona Experience does not interfere with your local football team committments. We offer an independent football development programme.


6. How do I sign up?

You only have to fill the form and we will contact you as soon as posible.


7. How do I pay?

Payment is made with a card or with cash or bank transfer.


9. Do All Star Football Academy play games?

Yes, we play games with every age group every season and these games can be against local grassroots football clubs, academies and professional football clubs. We will also enter teams in to tournaments.


10. If I impress could I be recommended to professional football clubs?

Definitely, Campus Barcelona Experience has recommended 15 players to professional football clubs within the past season alone as we have built up a strong network of contacts within professional football clubs. These players have gone on to have trials at those clubs with a number being signed up.


11. What happens if it is bad weather?

Football is played in all conditions so we train and play whatever the weather unless it becomes unsafe to do so. Shelter is available at all of our venues.


14. What does a typical session involve?

We have a training schedule so the players know each week what the topic will be. The topic covers every age group but is adapted so it is age and ability specific. These topics cover all aspects of the game including technique, first touch, ball manipulation, dribbling, passing, crossing and finishing, heading, volleying, small sided games and attacking and defending principles.


15. What are the potential pathways for Campus Barcelona Experience players and coaches when they leave school?

There are a number of pathways that our players can take. As well as having the opportunity of trials and contracts at professional football clubs, when you are 16 years old you can take your first steps on the coaching ladder with the FA level 1 coaching badge. You can go and do scholarships (playing football and studying at the same time) in different countries. You can also coach at football camps across the world. There are lots of jobs and careers in football including coaches, managers, mentors, therapists, physiotherapists, performance analysts, Intermediaries and media based jobs. Some of our players who become coaches for us will have the opportunity to coach at the academy long term so there is an obvious pathway for them. All Star Football Academy cares about every single player in our academy and we will help, support and guide them in any way we can, now and in the future.

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